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"Vinyl Records can have Great Value and are Becoming Popular Again."

Most people do not understand how to benefit from this. And without the right information are - Making many mistakes instead of Making Money.

Whether you only have a few records or a large collection - There are things that you must know to stop you from wasting your time and money.

There is potential from virtually all strands of Vinyl. There is so much possibility beyond just the music from a particular star or group:

The Michael Jackson Legacy, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, U2, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, etc., etc. Different styles; Classical, Punk, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Dance, Reggae, etc., etc.

The internet has transformed what is possible. Being able to buy and sell records is now easier than ever. With the internet you can find information and also buy and sell records across the world, easily from home.

But you need to know which are the best websites to use and how to use them properly.

As well as the best places to go - away from your computer.

Recent Press Coverage Has Highlighted The Value of Vinyl Records

The Independent

Vinyl Could Make You Record Returns...

CDs and mini-discs were expected to kill off demand for vinyl. But they didn't: some of today's most fashionable bands are releasing singles on vinyl alongside more modern formats, and collecting vinyl is becoming a serious hobby.

There's a manic desire for them and lots of people are buying records as investments. Demand is strong and the internet has widened access. Anyone can collect records.

You can also forget CDs. They're not as sexy as vinyl. They lack that allure. They've yet to demonstrate collectability and staying power.

It is like buying a piece of history...They are iconic moments in music and are pieces of culture in their own right.

Blue chip collectables are items by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen to some extent and The Smiths. The early Sex Pistols are also achieving huge prices. A copy of The Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen" recently sold for US$18,000 (£12,000) on eBay.

Prices are definitely rising...The most collectable items, however, are the more obscure records and bands. With bands such as Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys choosing to put records out on vinyl the medium is being introduced to a younger audience, which can also increase values.

Many insurance companies now accept that vinyl goes up in value and so people are buying records as an investment.

If you know what you're doing you will get a very good return.

There is still plenty of room left in the market for speculation....There are 45's that are now 40 to 50 years old that still sell for a few pounds each, such as Sixties soul singles...They are undervalued.

Financial MailToday's Insight. Tomorrow's Success.

Vinyl Makes a Collectable Comeback

Who said that records were finished? If you have a pile of old LPs gathering dust in the loft, you could be in the money. The most collectable records fetch thousands of pounds.

When CDs and then MP3 music formats came along they offered more convenience and seemed an exciting alternative. But as time has gone by many music lovers have come back to the more lasting appeal of vinyl.

This attraction goes right across the music market - from jazz to rock-n-roll, hip-hop and rhythm and blues.

Though the appeal attracts all age groups, the nostalgia of those brought up on vinyl is also a key driving force. The blue-chip investments are the bands with international appeal that have stood the test of time.

Among the individual performers, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Cliff Richard, Elton John and Marc Bolan are the most sought after.

Industry magazine The Record Collector puts the first ten numbered copies of The Beatles' White Album - released 40 years ago - as top of the pops for rarity value. It puts a conservative estimate of between US$7,500 (£5,000) and US$10,500 (£7,000) for one of the first ten copies, though investors might pay twice that amount.

Other Rarities include a swearing Marc Bolan on a recording of Hard on Love plus a silk-padded sleeve of The Rolling Stone album. Their Satanic Requests, both valued at US$3,000 (£2,000).

Collectors will pay about US$4,500 (£3,000) for the mono version of Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins, an experimental 1968 album by John Lennon & Yoko Ono with the couple nude on the cover, rarity rather than musical appeal pushing up the price.

Perhaps the most expensive record is the 7in single of That'll Be The Day, recorded by The Quarrymen in 1958 before three of them went on to form The Beatles. Sir Paul McCartney owns the only known copy, which is valued conservatively at US$150,000 (£100,000).

Recordings by the big names in music have accounted for some of the most impressive price rises in recent years... there is also a growing market for more obscure artists where cut-price gems can still be discovered.

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The eBook Includes:

  1. The Ways to Find the Hidden Gems in Your Record Collection
  2. How to Find Out What Your Records are Really Worth
    • What Collectors are Actually Paying for Records
    • Help with Appraising and Valuing Your Collection
  3. Eight Myths of What Makes a Record Valuable.Things that are Often Misunderstood and Cause Many People to Lose Money.
    • "Understanding these things can save you a lot of time and money"
  4. The Best Places to Sell and Buy Records - links to websites and off-line areas.
    • Specialist Collector Sites
    • Other Sales Sites
    • Record Store Directories
    • Dealers
  5. The Things You Must Do When Selling Your Records to Give Yourself the Greatest Chance of Making Most Money
  6. How You Can Use the Many Price Guides to Your Advantage
  7. The Things You Must Know About the Condition of a Record that Massively Affects its Value
  8. The Key Aspects About Vinyl Pressings that are Critical in How Much Money a Record is Worth
  9. How You Can Easily and Quickly Become an Expertin a Type of Music you Love or Any Chosen Area
  10. The Way the Large Number of Records and Peoples' Lack of Knowledge is a Massive Advantage to You.
  11. What to Look for - How to Spot Valuable Records
  12. Where to Find Hidden Gems Away from the Internet. Where No One Else is Looking... How to Uncover Previously Hidden Collections
  13. The Places Not to Look for Records Where it is Not Worth Spending Your Time. Most People do not Know This and Waste Their Time
  14. How to Approach People Who Have Valuable Collections - They Want to Get Rid of.
  15. The Things You Must Never Do When You Make Contact with People Looking to Sell Records.
  16. The Crucial Thing You Must First Find Out Before You Even Look at a Collection of Records.
  17. Why Many People Get Put Off From Trying to Make Money From Vinyl Records and How You Can Use This to Your Advantage.
  18. How to Use eBay Professionally and Most Effectively to Both Buy and Sell Records - Most People Using eBay do not Know these things and Lose Out.
    • The Way to Know the Value of a Record to Ensure You Are Selling at the Best Price.
    • The Things You Must Do When Advertising Records to Give Yourself the Greatest Chance of Achieving a High Value
    • The Information You Must Put on Any Advert
    • The Things You Shouldn't Put on an Advert
    • The Rules People Break - Mistakes They Make and How to Use This to Your Advantage to Buy Records at the Best Price.
    • The Key Things to Look For in Sellers' Adverts
    • The Key Questions to Ask Sellers and How to Ask These Questions to Build Rapport and Gain Their Confidence.
    • How You Can Help a Seller and Also Gain Massively Yourself as You do so.
    • Links to The Other Best Places to Buy & Sell Records
      • Specialist Collector Sites o Other Sales Sites
      • Record Store Directories
      • Dealers
  19. Details About the Different Types of Records You Must Know About.
  20. Critical Aspects About Grading Records and the Mistakes People Make
  21. Crucial Details About How You Must Store and Care For Records
  22. The Best Magazines and Books to look at
  23. Recommended Websites & Links, including:
    • In Addition to eBay, Access to Over 30 million Records From 1000's of Sellers Worldwide
    • Where to Find a Wealth of Record and Music Information on any
      • Genre
      • Artist / Group
      • Album or Songwriters
    • The Best Online Record Stores & Price Guides
    • Record Fairs
    • The World's Largest Music Catalog
    • Access to 1000's of Record Articles, Archives & News
  24. Where You Can Find Parts for Old Record Players
  25. Help to Catalog and Organize Your Records.
  26. The Easiest and Most Cost Effective Way to Copy Your Vinyl Records to CDs, an iPod or MP3 player.

A Great Way to Listen to all Your Old Records and Not Risk Damamging Your Valuable Collection


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In many cases the value of the record sleeve is more than the record. There are some collectors who are not interested in the records themselves.

The square of colored cardboard that represents a moment in time and art, inextricably linked to music nostalgia and music history can be highly valuable in its own right

The Bonus includes:

It is hard to put a value on this information. It depends on exactly what you want to do and how serious you are in making money from Your Vinyl records. You could be just looking to sell a few records - or be a serious collector looking to build up a valuable legacy.

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